Systems & Workflow Lessons from TTPD

Confession time: I’m a diehard Swiftie. Yes, I'm that person who's been listening to The Tortured Poet’s Department on repeat since its release. And no, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Want proof? Check out my Spotify Wrapped from last year 👇 But beyond being a fan, there’s something intriguing about Taylor Swift’s latest release that got me thinking—we can actually learn a lot of systems and workflow lessons FROM The Tortured Poet's Department release AND album itself.

Evolution is Key

Taylor Swift’s evolution as an artist is evident in TTPD. Similarly, our businesses and workflows must evolve too. What worked when you started may not cut it now. Embrace change, adapt, and keep moving your workflows and systems forward. Your business is not the same as it was when you started it, and your workflows shouldn't be the same either.

Drip, Drip, Drip

Taylor's drip-feed marketing strategy kept us hooked. Let's not kid ourselves, from the time she announced the album at The Grammy's to the release, she kept dripping out clues and easter eggs to get us excited. And, friends, you can and should apply the same principle to your workflows. Keep your clients engaged by consistently providing valuable information throughout their journey with you, not just dropping all of it on them at once. Answer their questions before they have them, drop hints to get them excited about what comes next, and continue to keep them engaged and excited to work with you.

Surprise and Delight

Remember when the chairman dropped volume 2 of TTPD unexpectedly at 2 am? That element of surprise delighted fans worldwide. Incorporating surprises into your client workflow can turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. It doesn’t have to be grand—small, thoughtful gestures go a long way. Think a "thanks for booking, so excited to work together" handwritten card. Or tweaking an email to ask about their family or life before sending it out. Finding small ways to surprise and delight your clients can go a loooooong way.

Stay True to Yourself

Taylor Swift ignored the naysayers and stayed true to her vision for TTPD. Could she have edited the album down? Maybe, probably. But she knew what she needed and wanted to do. Likewise, in your business and your workflows, do what feels right for you and your clients. Don’t conform to industry norms if they don’t align with your values or serve your clients best. Additionally, you want to stay true to yourself in the email copy and additional resources that you include in your workflows. You want these pieces to 100% reflect YOU and your business, and not be super generic or something anybody can do.

Create an Obsession

Taylor's music generates buzz because it resonates deeply with fans. Likewise, aim to create an obsession with your brand through exceptional client experiences and workflows. Provide value, educate, and make your clients feel valued every step of the way. Going above and beyond, aka underpromising and overdelivering in your workflows will truly make a big difference to your clients and in setting you and your brand apart.

So, what now? Take a moment to review your workflows and client experiences. How can you infuse them with elements of evolution, anticipation, delight, authenticity, and obsession? Need help? Reach out and we can walk through it in a Strategy Session or I can do it all for you!

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